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All schools in GCPS will start two hours late on Friday and dismiss on time. GSMST will start at 10:00 a.m. and dismiss at 3:00 p.m. GSMST will have buses for AM & PM routes. A complete bell schedule is posted on the eCLASS landing page. Car riders are encouraged to drop off after 9:30 if possible.

12th Grade Curriculum

12th Grade Program of Study
5 Required Courses and 2 Electives

Students choose 1 course from each category.
·        AP Calculus AB (1 unit)
·        AP Calculus BC (1 unit)
·        Advanced Calculus II (1 unit)
·        Calculus II/III (Dual Enrollment w/ Georgia Tech) (1.6 units)
·        Linear Algebra (0.5 units)
·        Differential Equations (0.5 units)
·        Number Theory (0.5 units)
·        AP Statistics (1 unit)
Note: Engineering/Technology elective classes may count as science classes.
·        AP Physics C: Mechanics (1 unit)
·        AP Physics C: Mechanics w/ AP Physics C: E&M w/ Foundations of Electronics (2 Science units + 1 Engineering unit)
·        AP Physics C: E&M (1 unit)
·        AP Chemistry w/ Advanced Lab (1 unit)
·        Advanced Genetics w/ Advanced Genetics Lab (1 unit)
·        Biochemical Engineering w/ Biochemical Engineering Lab (1 unit)
·        Analytical Forensic Investigation (1 unit)
·        Nanotechnology and Materials Science Engineering (1 unit)
*Language Arts/Social Studies
·        AP Literature & Composition w/ AP Macroeconomic AND AP Microeconomics (2 units)
·        AP Language & Composition w/ AP Macroeconomic AND AP Microeconomics (2 units)
·        All Seniors have a year-long Senior Capstone Experience (SCE) (1 unit).