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Science Olympiad

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Students gain knowledge and experience in science and engineering and improve their collaborative skills in study, laboratory work, and practice within the fields of Life Science, Earth Science, Physical Science, and Inquiry. Students' skills and knowledge are tested in competitions and select Saturdays throughout the academic year.

Planned Activities:

Students will supplement their independent study of a science with sessions before and after school. In these work sessions, students study, learn, build and test devices, experiment, and complete practice that increase their knowledge and skill sets to prepare them for invitational and regional, state, and national competition.


GSMST Science Olympiad subscribes to and supports the missions of the state and national organizations. Our team is dedicated to improve student learning, interests, and engagement in science and engineering outside the traditional high school science and engineering curriculum through applied learning and competition.


Every Friday at 3:15 PM in the LLLH


State - Georgia Science Olympiad

National - National Science Olympiad


Patricia Caldwell

Bradley Kastner

Tom Wellnitz

Kenny Patterson